Hola.  This blog is simply an extension of my thoughts.  It will likely cover a variety of topics, none of which I am an expert on.  I’m just a guy that decided to write and it seemed that 2:45 AM on August 12th 2017, sitting at my parents kitchen table (visiting, I don’t live with them), was the best time to start.

About me…

I am a pharmacist by trade, but I occasionally question the profession’s direction and what the future may hold.  I graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City in May 2015 with my Pharm.D.  Prior to this I had dabbled in the commercial refrigeration industry and hold a MBA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  I’m a married father of one tiny human and one yellow lab, and I suspect both will be fodder for posts.  My wonderfully understanding wife is also a pharmacist.  We bonded over beer pong and taco bell many moons ago and have been inseparable ever since.  Her house was perfect for parties in college, and fortunately enough, her roommates enjoyed hosting such events.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We have a zest for most things sports and enjoy heading to the beach when we can.  She is an native Missourian, but I needed to abdicate my Chicagohood prior to becoming a proud Missourian.

My goal in writing…

I’ve read the “how to blog posts” prior to starting this, and it seems that I’m supposed to pick a topic.  Provide content.  Link on social media sites.  Sit back as ad revenue comes flowing in.  Passive income!  Yay!  Seriously though, I wouldn’t quite expect this blog to provide much in terms of “how to” content… I’m just here to write, as I hear it is cathartic and I hope you enjoy my work if you happen across this site.


All the best,