We have officially reached the, “I think I should also be able to eat dog food” phase of baby development.  Claire loves her dog.  She loves other people’s dogs.  She loves all dogs.  Her first word was actually “dog,” although I argue it was dad.  Either way, they were in close succession.


I’m reasonably sure she doesn’t think she is also a dog, but I can’t be fully sure.  Chasing the dog around the house is among her favorite activities.  The picture to the left is her trying to give the dog kisses.  It was adorable and I love every second of it.  Reaves, for his part, does a great job of tolerating it.  We went with a lab due to their generally pleasant disposition and we have not been disappointed.  Periodically, he is a little to food motivated and can get a little annoying… but that also probably describes me.  So, in short… We love our dog.  He is a big part of the family.

I learned the other day that a failure to keep a close eye on Claire may result in her crawling over and trying to eat some of Royal Canin’s fine work.  She has seen the dog eat from his bowl a couple of times a day for about nine and half months.  She now thinks that she is also able to eat from that bowl, despite our best efforts to impart the knowledge that she cannot.

Holding Cell

We have a square gated fence we have to periodically use to keep her in one spot if we are both busy for a second and she would potentially get herself in trouble.  We don’t use it often or long; however, a few days after her first attempt, she found herself in lock up for her own safety.  As you can see, she was still staring longingly over at the dog’s food.

I generally don’t want to taste her baby food, so I’m not overly interested in trying dog food… but good grief, this must be the greatest food in the history of all dog food.

Like a moth to a flame…. there is Claire to her dog’s food.


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