Given both of us need to work (student debt), finding a daycare was essential.  We made our list of questions, went around to a bunch of places… and finally settled in on one that we really like.  They are great there.

Sidebar: The prices and features were all over the place during our search.  There were some that had pretty insane amenities.  One only uses organic fruit, there are two chefs on staff, and lunches are delivered by special carrier pigeons (I made the last part up).  Others were pretty basic.  We opted for pretty basic.  We were searching for a diverse staff that seemed to be having fun in their jobs.  Security was obviously important.  And we needed it to be open till at least 6:30 PM.  That part didn’t quite work out, but we live by my in-laws, so we make it work.

Claire has been going there since late August and seems to like it.  She smiles at the teachers when she gets there, and I think, she has gained developmentally from the school.  The thing that is still absolutely brutal for us… is leaving her there!  I have been told, that things get better… but it is still gutting after all this time.

Now we have reached the developmental stage where separation anxiety is a thing.  Christy dropped her off.  I work 7-2 every other Friday, so I was already at work during drop off.

The following text exchange ensued:


Sadly, though… I could not go get her.  It’s gutting.  I know that is part of life.  But it is kind of awful.

She gives you this look like, “Dude.  Where are you going?”  It’s like the scene in Big Daddy where the child protection agent is taking Julian away and he is yelling that, “he wipes his own..”  Claire certainly doesn’t do that yet.  In fact, there are times I think she takes pride in filling the diaper as much and as often as possible.  But it’s the same idea.  Julian is sad.  Adam Sandler’s character, Sonny, is sad.  There is dramatic music in the background.  Really, it is just an awful experience for all involved.

You then think about your child for the next 8 hours till you can go pick her up.  Not like, only think about her, but sort of like periodic bursts of being like, “this would be more fun if I was just hanging out with Claire.”

But then.  You go to pick her up… and she smiles at you when you walk through the door. GREATEST THING EVER.


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